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mardi 18 Oct, 2011
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Demande américaine pour visites de fonderies

j.jackson @

Objet : Visiting your Country
My wife and I will be visiting Paris next year. We want to drive from Paris to the South of France. Is there any Iron or Steel Foundries between Paris and South ? Please send me names and their email address. I will email them to see if I could make a visit. I own 2 Foundries, one Steel shop in Indiana and an Iron Foundry in Michigan. Please let me know. Thank you, Jeff Jackson

I am a Foundryman from Indiana. I have 2 Foundries: Bahr Bros. Mfg in Marion, Indiana, This is an air set Foundry making Steel and Stainless castings. And Specialty Castings, in Springport, Michigan This shop is a Green sand shop making Iron and Ductile castings.

We will be driving from Paris, heading South. I would like to visit an Iron or Ductile or Steel Foundry in your Country.

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