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jeudi 12 Fév, 2015
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Nizi Group acquires Keyvest

Keyvest will continue as a separate entity within the Nizi Group, operating under the Keyvest brand and the current management. Mr Joly will join Nizi International, and support the group’s further development of niche products.
Ulf Berg, CEO of the Nizi group, commented on the announcement: “The Nizi Group is expanding into new market segments, and the addition of Keyvest brings not only improved access to niche markets, but also significant competence within the field of processing in general and powders in particular. There are significant synergies between the companies within product sourcing and market coverage.”
Michel Joly added: “When I decided to sell Keyvest, I wanted to find a partner with industry knowledge and enough strength to take the company further. I am convinced that Keyvest is in good hands and I look forward to developing many new ideas together with Nizi.”
“We are very impressed by what Keyvest has accomplished, and not least their innovative spirit and deep knowledge in finding new solutions within the field of processing” said Frank Donven, Commercial Director, Nizi Group.
About Nizi International
Nizi International was founded in 1898 in Luxembourg as a company serving the regional customers with pig iron and ferroalloys. The Group has later expanded to become a global player in the trading and distribution of base metals, ferroalloys, and foundry products. Nizi has a global sourcing network and a proven record of long-term contracts. Combined with solid technical knowhow, competitive financial solutions and sophisticated management systems Nizi offers a full range of services to the leading metal companies of the world.
The Group headquarters is in Luxembourg, with offices through Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The Group has a turnover of about 1 billion EURO and employs approximately 150 people. Nizi International is owned by Holta Invest AS, Oslo, Norway.
About Holta Invest
Holta Invest AS is a privately owned investment company with roots back to the 1800´s and the first Norwegian industrial development. The company has various industrial engagements. Industrial development is performed through long-term active ownership. Holta Invest is located in Oslo, Norway.
For further questions, please contact:
Ulf Berg, CEO Nizi International SA,, phone +352 621306065

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