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Par : Nicolas
lundi 27 Mai, 2024
Catégorie : Economie

Forte croissance de la fonte à Graphite Vermiculaire (CGI) pour le secteur automobile….

The Annual General Meeting of SinterCast was held in Stockholm on 21 May 2024. Dr Steve Dawson presented “the Good Story of SinterCast”, providing an overview of recent market activities, together with an outlook for the near-term and long-term market development.

With a track record of 12.1% CAGR over the last 15 years, and benefitting from strong demand for CGI in commercial vehicles, Dr Dawson expressed confidence in continued double-digit CAGR growth through 2030. With more than 90% of the series production focused on commercial vehicles, large pick-up trucks, and off-road industrial power applications, he highlighted the importance net-zero fuels and hydrogen in meeting global emissions targets, while offering the opportunity for SinterCast in perpetuity.

Watch the 2024 AGM CEO presentation:

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